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Volunteer service offers an opportunity for community members to work directly with our youth and families and to support our programs. The primary purpose is to build relationships among people whose lives may never otherwise touch. By knowing each other, we aspire to build a more empathetic and cohesive society.

People cheer in red and white shirts in a gymnasium

Below are our current volunteer opportunities. We welcome additional ideas from individuals or organizations to improve the lives of youth, families, and community.

Group or corporate volunteerism:

  • Clean up and landscape throughout the community
  • Exposure outings: Host 6-8 youth at your workplace to introduce new professions and experiences
  • Organize a supply drive for school supplies, coats, luggage, or baby items
  • Paint a mural or lead an art project with our youth

Individual volunteerism:

  • Cleaning and landscaping throughout the community
  • Community festivals: Set-up, interact with youth, serve food, offer face painting
  • Fundraising and event support for UCAN’s Polar Peace March or Youth Peace Summit
  • Leadership Development Workshop: Share career or personal journey or leadership advice with program participants
  • One-on-one mentorship (see below)
  • UCAN’s holiday gift drive donations and gift sorting

Customized opportunities can be developed based on group and agency needs. Please contact Andrea Lee at or 773-290-5879 to learn more. 

Apply to Volunteer


Thank you for considering volunteerism through UCAN!