2022 Gift Train

Sponsor a youth and make them smile this holiday season! Your donation will provide toys, books, games, gift cards, and more for our youth and families.

If you would like to fulfill an individualized wish list(s), please contact Gwendalyn Carver at Gwendalyn.Carver@UCANChicago.org.
For those who fulfilled individualized wish lists or collected gifts amongst friends, please drop off gifts at:

Donation Station:
Monday, Dec. 5
10am – 6pm 
(The Grinch will be on campus from 4pm to 6pm for photos!)
UCAN’s Nichols Center
3605 W Fillmore St. Chicago, IL 60624

Need a virtual option? Check out our Target gift registry. All items are shipped directly to UCAN. 

THANK YOU for spreading cheer this holiday season!
If you have any questions, contact Gwendalyn Carver at Gwendalyn.carver@ucanchicago.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How are monetary donations used for the Gift Train?   

Answer: Monetary donations are used to buy gifts and gift cards for UCAN participants. Cash is never given directly to a youth as a present. Please use the donation form above or mail a check with “Gift Train” in the memo line to:  

Attn: Development Department 


3605 W. Fillmore 

Chicago, IL 60624 

Question: Do you accept used items?

Answer:  No, not for the Gift Train. Sometimes we accept used items throughout the rest of the year for specific needs but we only accept new items for our holiday Gift Train.

Question: What are some of the programs supported by UCAN’s Gift Train?

Answer: Professional Foster Parenting, Violence Intervention and Prevention Services, Counseling and Youth Development Services, Teen Transitional Services, Alumni Services, and UCAN Academies.

Question: Can I donate after December 5?

Answer: Absolutely!! Last minute donations always come in handy. Though with in-kind donations, we can’t guarantee all items received after Dec. 5 will be distributed before the holiday.

Question: Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Answer: Gwendalyn Carver, Director of Development at Gwendalyn.Carver@UCANchicago.org.